Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog 10: April: Global Healthcare Worker Appreciation Month

This year April is devoted to international healthcare workers. These recruits work in under developed and developing countries where healthcare workers are scarce. They teach communities basic means of staying healthy like good hygiene, disease and virus prevention, and post natal care. Healthcare workers also provide immunizations and simple treatments. The workers are very dedicated to helping people in these villages; many travel a long distance by foot or bike to reach the villages. One man leaves his home open 24/7 to the people of his village to take care of their medical needs. The World Health Organization stated that 57 countries are in terrible need of more healthcare workers. Many healthcare workers have put their lives in danger working is Syria while countless workers have lost their lives taking care of sick and injured civilians and oppositions fighters.

The World Healthcare Organization is working this month to show appreciation, awareness, and the importance of the healthcare workers. These employees are making a big difference in the underdeveloped and war locked countries. Just simply educating these people how to live healthier provides enough to keep a village or community to prosper and progress. The WHO anticipates that 4 million more healthcare workers should be in these countries to provide proper primary health care. Raising awareness this month for the workers can inspire other medical care takers to take part in this field to help those civilians. This can even encourage poor civilians to become care takers or workers which will employ them and headway to a slow development within a village or community. 

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