Monday, April 21, 2014

Blog 10: Yoga Helps Women With PTSD

Summary: Women who recently participated in a study to see the reduction of post traumatic stress disorder recently tried yoga. Women who were in the control study group also reported similar symptoms however researchers found. Both who were and were not affected by PTSD reported to improve emotionally. One in 10 U.S. women is affected by PTSD, yoga helps these ladies with their sleeping and flashbacks to traumatic experiences. In actuality PTSD affects women twice as often then men. 
The women’s average was forty four years old and completed a follow-up assessment one month after each session ended. The improvements were decrease in flashbacks and hyperarousal symptoms. Yoga may help regulate the endocrine system as well as the nervous system which in turn may balance issues associated with PTSD, along with stress hormones. 

Analysis: New research has been found that both women who are and not affected by post traumatic stress disorder may find a new outlet to help them through the stressors of everyday life as well as the horrific traumas they may have experienced. Yoga was studied recently to see the effects that it produces and for both the control group and study group it presented positive effects. This new finding could help women across the globe find relief through this exercise and finally receive the help needed. Many women who are in areas of war as well as high crime rate may experience PTSD dramatically more than others. This new research is promising in helping women across the globe be able to receive help without need of medicine. Women in lower developed countries may not even be able to receive medication for their traumatic experiences, and in turn yoga could greatly help especially since no need of equipment is really needed. PTSD can also make you have physical health problems, so reduction is especially important. Hopefully with well educated instructors teaching others about this new found treatment which is relatively cost efficient will help the health of women across the globe.

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