Monday, April 21, 2014

Blog 10 Maya Coston

Blog 10

As noted through previous blogs and newsfeeds, the global lengths taken to socially outcast members of the LGBTQ community have begun to get more outrageous. Discriminatory acts were taken against church member and Eagle Scout Geoff McGrath who at age 49 years old was revoked of his membership of the Boy Scouts organization.  McGrath has ran the troop from the ripe year of 1998, and until the NBC profiling where he openly shared that he was gay he had no previous issues with running the troop. The church McGrath has been a member of has stressed their angle of being “open to all people,” and has mentioned getting legal help to evaluate their options in order to best handle this situation.  He states that he will continue to run the children’s group from the church, however some parents have sent letters questioning whether or not he will still be considered a good male role model.

This event has led to a gridlock between Churches and a well-known children’s organization, for once an issue not between the government and church.  In previous blogs I’ve discussed the argument of protecting children anti-gay activist use to support their antics. I am a strong advocate for the equal treatment of women, gays, transgender and all of the above, and if McGrath has been successfully running the children’s organization thus far, the removal of his influence because of his sexuality is not what a national and regional children’s organization should be advocating.

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