Tuesday, April 22, 2014

HungerU visits Tech

HungerU visits Tech, talks about world hunger


HungerU, an organization known for traveling, visited Texas Tech in efforts to converse and educate the campus about the growing epidemic of world hunger. A lead member of the HungerU staff, Ms. Mollie Dykes, stated that the purpose of the event is to increase awareness about global hunger and the numerous ways in which we all can diminish the widespread tragedy. She continued on to say that despite everybody’s different educational backgrounds and abilities, we can all join together to help eliminate hunger in the future. HungerU’s effort is to connect with the students by sharing the story of today’s agricultural role in putting an end to worldwide starvation. The organization reports that approximately one in seven people are currently fighting hunger. According to HungerU, lack of food is not just something that is affecting foreign and far countries, but also affects our very own society. Starvation and food desserts are extremely prevalent in the United States. Even though the U.S. is one of the richest and most abundant countries when it comes to food, there are still roughly one in six Americans that suffer from hunger every day. In an effort to help combat this growing issue HungerU has collaborated with The Farm Journal Foundation, a nonprofit organization that commits itself to maintaining agricultural growth in the United States. Ms. Dykes has hopes that knowing about the Farm Journal Foundation will be the extra push the Texas Tech students need to help make a change and reverse the statistics on global food deprivation.

Hunger is an important issue not only because it can affect one person or family who happens to be homeless or in a third-world country, but it can affect entire nations. Hunger is actually the perfect example of how a situation can be looked at on both a micro and a macro level. If one family or even one child goes hungry it is not the fault of that person or group. As a society, nation, and world, everyone should strive to provide life necessities to one another, one of the most important ones being food and clean water. Through socialization and group discussions, like the ones that HungerU provides to universities around the country, we as a nation are able to help fundraise and provide whatever is required in order to help decrease the rate of hunger in, around, and beyond our personal boundaries.


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